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Emblems of the US Military Services Air Force-Army-Navy
On November 11th, the United States remembers
our Veterans from all branches of Military Service
of past & present enlistments. The Bullis Family
has given their best, in war & career,
across Canada & the United States.

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1944 Our Crosses
by Daisy Bullis Martin

Military conflicts have been, and will continue to be, a part of the history of mankind, as well as a part of the fabric of North American life. What family has not been touched by the drama, debates, and debilitating ravages of political, economic, and religious conflicts? During times of peace or cold war, the men and women of military might have stood ready to defend and maintain, or during an engaged war, secure the ideals of freedom and democracy upon which these United States are founded. Freedom is NOT FREE. Please give honor where honor is due ~ remember our Veterans and support our Troops on Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, Patriot Day, Veteran's Day ... every day.

Canadian Forces Emblem
Canadian Forces
As the LORD God of Heaven admonished the King in the Land of Israel, so we are admonished in each generation in this land of North America: II Chronicles 7 (14) If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. (19) But if ye turn away, and forsake my statutes and my commandments, which I have set before you, and shall go and serve other gods, and worship them; (20) Then will I pluck them up by the roots out of my land which I have given them; ... (22) ... Because they forsook the LORD God of their fathers ... (KJV)

Chronology of Conflicts


French & Indian War
War of Independence
Franco-American War

Napoleonic Wars
1812-1815 (War of 1812)
Anglo-American War
Texas Independence
Mexican-American War
American Civil War
Spanish-American War

Philippine-American War
1914-1917 World War I
1939-1945 World War II
1950-1953 Korean War
1945-1991 THE COLD WAR
... 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis
1945-1980's Vietnam War
1990-1991 Desert Storm


Correspondence of Veterans

United States Flag by CAWheless
The United States of America: Stars & Stripes

09-28-1988 : MN Sandstone
Dear Lu, I enjoyed those articles you sent, & the one about a prisoner of war camp being liberated brought back memories. After we crossed the Rhine River at Remagan & broke out of the bridgehead, we liberated a couple of POW camps. I remember one at Limburg, Germany, where there were Americans, British & French who had been captured in France, many about D-Day, & they came running to our column as we neared the camp, so thin and starved, crying as they came. We gave them all the emergency food we had, & our medics took care of those who needed help. It wasn't a pretty sight. Too bad we have to remember things like that, & we pray that our grandchildren won't have to go thru anything like that. Hope all is well with you. With love, Art
(letter written to Lucie Bullis Forstrom, an aunt of Art Gjertson's wife Betty Martin Gjertson)

Articles & Letters

~ WWI ~
PVT EJ Bullis

~ WWII ~
MSgt AC Gjertson

October 2011 : MN Minneapolis
There was an article in Sunday's Minneapolis paper regarding the cutting of some health benefits or increasing the costs for military retirees health insurance. With the predicament that the federal government finds itself, I am sure everything has to be on the table. I have heard that some, including lawmakers who have never served, keep asking why military retirees should be treated any differently than the general public, when it comes to the cost of their healthcare. I am a military retiree, so let me tell you why we should be treated differently.

Many years ago, I walked through a door and spoke to a man in a nice uniform. After hearing his presentation, I signed my name on a line and agreed to be trained for a job, and agreed to go 'In Harm's Way' if so ordered; to get shot at and maybe die, as some of my friends did. We did a job that the general public did not want to do, and we stuck around long enough to become the leaders and trainers of men and women who have performed so well over the years in our military. My wife and I went through the separations and moves that go along with a military career, and in a time when we were not called 'heroes'. In exchange for this sacrifice, our Uncle Sam, the Country we so dearly love and would shed blood to defend, made some promises to us. Those promises need to be kept.

A very small percentage of our population goes through that same door, although it is open to everyone. An even smaller percentage remains in for the number of years required to qualify for retirement benefits. Don't ever ask why we should be treated differently.

Summary of Surnames





















1949 Feb 24 Private Branch
1949 Feb 24 Private Branch

US Air Force (1948-1978)

In 1946, Sandy (Sanford Larkwood Branch Jr 1930-2005) joined the WI National Guard for 1.1/2 yrs while he completed high school. On October 26th, 1948, he enlisted in the Army Air Corps, later to become the US Air Force. His career spanned 30 years, beginning as Private First Class at Lackland AFB, San Antonio, TX, and finished as Chief Master Sergeant (CMSgt) with his last assignment at the Wilder Radar Site overlooking Idaho's Snake River. On November 1st, 1978, 'Chief' retired having served in the defense of the US on all her borders and the Far East of the Pacific in electronics and radar for NORAD and SAC. His many tours of duty took him from WI, TX, FL, Japan, the Philippines, NV, VA, Korea, LA, WI, CA, AK, to ID, and numerous locations on TDY assignments. On Sunday November 10th, 1991, the Veterans [Chief-2nd from left] of the First Christian Church in Caldwell, Idaho, posed to commemorate their service in the US Military. (by Cherie Branch Wheless)

1977 May 25 CMSgt Branch
1977 May 25 CMSgt Branch

c1920 Adrian M Bullis
c1920 Adrian M Bullis

~ unkn AM.BULLIS ~
US Army (c1918 WWI)

Jimmy (Adrian Mathew Bullis 1898-1981) had enlisted and was in training at Fort Snelling (MN) when the War ended. Rank was not assigned. (1981 obit) courtesy of Sandra Bullis Wayne

gravestone 1981 (Jim) AM Bullis
Oak Grove Cemetery
North Branch MN
courtesy of Marilyn Forstrom Branch

2007 Daniel Bullis
2007 LCpl Daniel Bullis
San Diego Marine bootcamp

US Marine Corps (2007-current)

Daniel (Daniel Patrick Bullis~enlisted) joined the US Marine Corps on Tue 9 Oct 2007 out of Wenatchee WA. He graduated from Marine bootcamp in San Diego CA on Thu 3 Jan 2008 ~ out of 496 recruits, Lance Corporal Bullis graduated #1 and was chosen as Company Honor Man! His first deployment to the Middle-East Spring 2009.

2009 Oct ~ LCpl Daniel Bullis is deployed with the 5th Battalion, 14th Marines, 4th Marine Division out of Pico Rivera CA. He is presently in the Helmand Province in Southern Afghanistan. His 'gun' (artillery) has detached from the main unit and has attached with a light armored reconnaissance unit to provide artillery support. Weather has been in the upper 120 to low 130 degrees and gets down to about 60 at night, so makes the Marines scramble for their sleeping bags at night! His tour will be over in December 2009 and he should be back in California the first week or two of December. Looking forward to his safe return. courtesy of Doug Bullis (father)

2008 Daniel Bullis
2008 Nov 8 Sat
LCpl Daniel Bullis

c1914 Everard Bullis
c1914 Everard Bullis

US Marine Corps (WWI)

Everard (Everard Jay Bullis 1896-1964) enlisted in the
Marine Corps out of Pennsylvania ... WWI combat
courtesy of Robert G Bullis

WWI medals Everard Bullis
WWI medals - PVT EJ Bullis

~ Lt Col ER.BULLIS ~
US Army (c1917-c1949)

At the outbreak of World War 1, Elmer (Elmer Rennix Bullis 1890-1965), an Attorney at Law, entered the first Officers Training Camp at Fort Snelling (Minneapolis MN). He was commissioned as a lieutenant, and trained further at Camp Dodge in IA. He was a Major with M Co 351st Infantry Regiment in France at the termination of the war. When World War II threatened, he spent much time in the training of Home Guards in Minneapolis, and when the war broke out he reentered the service, training at Fort Benning in GA, and was commissioned as a Captain. Much of the time of WWII he spent in Chicago as Provost Marshall, where his responsibilities concerned the thousands of service men who came on transfers and furloughs each weekend, and also had to do with prisoners of war in Camp McCoy, WI. He was discharged from service after termination of the war with permanent rank of Lieutenant-Colonel.
(by Daisy Bullis Martin)

Elmer Rennix Bullis
c1915 Elmer Rennix Bullis
Lt Col E R Bullis
Lt Col Elmer R Bullis
gravestone 1965 Lt Col Bullis
Fort Snelling National Cemetery
courtesy of Robert Gjertson

US Army (1917-unkn)

Edmund (Harold Edmund Bullis 1888-1980) was a veteran of two world wars and the author of a number of textbooks on mental health. He enlisted in 1917 in the Army out of NY. In 1924 he was recalled to active duty to promote the importance of the Army reserves. During World War II, as a colonel, he was president of the US Foreign Claims Commissions in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, North Africa and Italy. Col Bullis was president of the Inter-Allied Commission that investigated damages by Allied troops to historic monuments and works of art in Europe. After World War II, Col Bullis reaped medals and citations from foreign countries including Italy, France, Poland and Cambodia, in addition to the US Bronze Star. (1980 obit) courtesy of Betty Martin Gjertson

Canadian AF (1941-unkn WWII)

Hank (Hubert Leslie Bullis 1918-unkn) received his wings as a pilot on Nov 10th 1942 from St Hubert Quebec #13 service flying training. (The Kingston Whig Standard-Nov 19 1942)

H L BULLIS Local Boy ~ PO [Pilot Officer] Hubert Leslie Bullis (Hank) mentioned in Wednesday's paper as missing after air operations overseas on Jan 20, was born on Wolfe Island, the only son of Mr & Mrs Robert Bullis. After receiving his public school education there he came to Kingston and made his home with his grandparents, Mr & Mrs William Gillespie, 27 Nelson Street, and attended KCVI [high school] from which he graduated. He started to work in the Aluminum Plant shortly after it started operating in Kingston. In Nov 1941, he went to Ottawa and enlisted in the RCAF and graduated as a pilot in November 1942. He left Kingston for overseas on Dec 4 1942. courtesy of AM Benson
(1944 Jan 28 Fri : The Kingston Whig Standard pg 3)

~ Capt RL.BULLIS ~
Civilian Support (WWII)

Leslie (Robert Leslie Bullis 1914-1944) was a civilian pilot for Pan American Airways. During World War II, Captain Bullis flew transport planes out of Nome Alaska. On his last flight, the plane crashed, killing and burning all aboard. (by Everard Bullis)
courtesy of Robert G Bullis

WWII Pan American - Capt RL Bullis

US Air Corps (WWII)

Vinton (Reginald Vinton Bullis 1908-1978) served in the US Air Corps during World War II. As a bomber, he flew in many flights over Germany and on completion of maximum number of flights, he was sent home. (by Everard Bullis) courtesy of Robert G Bullis

WWII B17 Bomber Crew - Cpl RV Bullis

On Jan 8th 1945 the 418th Squadron Crew joined the 100th. Corporal R V Bullis was the crew's Top Turret Gunner / Engineer (TTE) [standing left side]
courtesy of Leslie Pyle Osgood

WWII Col SW Bullis
courtesy of Robert E Bullis

US Army (WWII)

Red (Stanley Whiting Bullis 1905-1988) was a non-commissioned officer (NCO) in Medical Services. During World War II, he was commissioned and operated a Field Hospital.
(by Everard Bullis) courtesy of Robert G Bullis (WA)

WWII Army SW Bullis
1949 Army : Col Stan Bullis ~ courtesy of Robert E Bullis (TX)

c1944 Capt Millard Garrison & Skip
c1944 Capt Garrison & Skip

US Navy (WWII)

During World War II, Millard (Millard Milo Garrison 1904-1954) served in the Navy, returning to inactive duty in 1946 as a Captain in the Naval Reserve. (1954 obit) courtesy of Betty Martin Gjertson

gravestone 1954 Millard Garrison
Arlington National Cemetery

1941 Arthur Gjertson ~ Cavalry
1941 Arthur Gjertson ~ Cavalry
courtesy of Stephen Gjertson

US Army (1941-1945 WWII)

On March 3rd, 1941, Art (Arthur Clarence Gjertson 1917-2006) enlisted in the army and went to Fort Riley KS. He served in the 14th US Cavalry, which at that time patrolled the Arizona border between the US and Mexico on horseback. Before they went to Europe, all cavalry divisions were changed to armored and Art was Master Sergeant (MSgt) of the 14th Tank Battalion, the 9th Armored Division, which was one of the units that captured the bridge at Remagen and made the first crossing of the Rhine. Art received the Bronze Star. He was honorably discharged on October 24th 1945. After the war, Art worked for the Veterans Administration Center at Fort Snelling (Minneapolis MN). In 1973, after 28 years, Arthur retired as Chief of the Mail and Services Section, Administrative Division. After returning to his hometown of Sandstone, Art was adjutant of the Sandstone American Legion Post 151. Art was a member of the US Horse Cavalry Association and Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge. He wanted to be remembered as a man who loved God, his country and his family. [discharge rank was MSgt, served as SMG at VA]
(by Stephen Gjertson)

gravestone 2006 MSgt Gjertson
Spring Park Cemetery : Sandstone MN
courtesy of Robert Gjertson

(letter written to Lucie Bullis Forstrom,
an aunt of Art Gjertson's wife
Betty Martin Gjertson)

enlisted Robert Gjertson
enlisted Robert Gjertson

US Navy (1972-1996)

Bob (Robert Allan Gjertson~retired) enlisted in the Navy in Feb 1972 out of Minneapolis MN, going to San Diego for basic training and to the San Diego Regional Medical Center, Hospital Corps School, finishing as the Honor Man. Bob was assigned to the Officer's ward a few months before the VietNam peace treaty was signed in March 1973. In the spring, he transfered to the Naval Air Station North Island across the bay, working in the main and civilian dispensaries. Bob volunteered for Search & Rescue duty, flying with the Coast Guard, during which he received awards for 3 life-saving missions. In 2nd Qtr 1974 he was selected 'Sailor of the Quarter' in the entire San Diego medical region, the first corpsman to receive the award when not assigned to the Naval Hospital. In Aug 1974, he received orders and left in Oct for the Field Medical Service School at Camp Pendleton. In Jan 1975 he was assigned to the 3rd Marine Division on Okinawa in M Company, 3rd Battalion, 9th Regiment at Camp Schwab, as Senior Corpsman (E-5). The company did cold weather training at Camp Fuji Japan, returning to Okinawa, then stationed on the USS Duluth off the coast of VietNam as Saigon fell to the North, assisted evacuation of the US Embassy and took refugees to the Philippines. In Nov 1975 Bob was granted release from active duty to return to school, shortly entered the Reserves where he remained until Dec 7 1996 when he retired as a Senior Chief. Navy Log courtesy Dr Bob Gjertson

HMCS Robert Gjertson
HMCS Robert Gjertson

MSgt Raymond Harding
MSgt Raymond Harding
courtesy of Betty Martin Gjertson

US Army (1943-1946 WWII)

Ray (Raymond Earl Harding 1912-1980) served from July 1943 for 3 years in the Armed Forces, Finance Department.
courtesy of Grace Bullis Harding

gravestone: Ray Harding
Lake Nebagamon Cemetery
courtesy of Marilyn Forstrom Branch

US Army (WWI)

Bert (Albert Jay Johnson 1888-1969) was a veteran in the 161st Depot Brigade of World War I and was a charter member of Sandstone (MN) Hartley M Robey Post No 151 American Legion, and served as Commander. (1969 obit)
courtesy of Betty Martin Gjertson

gravestone 1969 Albert Johnson
Fort Snelling National Cemetery
courtesy of Robert Gjertson

c1917 Arthur Martin

~ Sgt A.MARTIN ~
US Army (1918-1919 WWI)

Art (Arthur Martin 1889-1981) left his homeland of England to work in the quarries of the United States. On September 21st, 1915, he became a naturalized citizen. On May 10th, 1918, Art was inducted in Carthage NY into Company F 212 Engineers of the Army as a Corporal. He served his country during WWI and was honorably discharged on January 21st, 1919, as a Sergeant. He remained active for over 63 years in the American Legion and was presented with a certificate showing 62 years of continuous membership on Veteran's Day, Tuesday November 11th, 1980. (William Voigt - Commander, Lawrence De Morrett - Vice Commander, Art Gjertson - Adjutant)
courtesy of Betty Martin Gjertson

c1917 Arthur Martin
1980 Nov 11 Tue : Sandstone MN

Eugene Sanders
courtesy of Carole Sanders East

~ unkn E.SANDERS ~
unkn (WWI)

Eugene (Eugene Sanders 1886-1946) served in World War I and was a member of the Disabled American Veterans, of which he was a past commander of the local chapter, and was serving his eighth year as historian of the state (Idaho) DAV organization. He was a member of the local post of the American Legion. His earnest desire was to help in every way he could, disabled veterans, and especially during the past year his help and advice to these men has been a very fine service. (1946 obit) courtesy of the Idaho Historical Library

~ unkn JS.SANDERS ~
US Marine Corps

Joe (Joseph Sydney Sanders 1921-1986) retired after 25 years as an active reserve of the US Marine Corps and 20 years with Civil Service at Camp Pendleton CA and member of the Marine Band. (1986 obit)

Maynard Beecher Sanders
1942 Lucky Sanders

~ unkn MB.SANDERS ~
US Marine Corps (WWII)

Lucky (Maynard Beecher Sanders 1922-1988) served in the US Marine Corp during World War II. (1988 obit) portrait courtesy of Wanda Smith Sanders

~ unkn WH.SANDERS ~
US Army (1942-1945 WWII)

While attending the College of Idaho in Caldwell, Bill (William Howard Sanders 1919-2006) learned to fly at the civilian pilot training program and in 1942, he enlisted in the US Army where he trained as a liaison observation pilot. He served in North Africa and Italy in World War II and received three Air Medals. He was discharged in 1945, and flew for the Idaho National Guard. He later became commanding officer of an Army Reserve Unit based in Umatilla OR. Mr Sanders was an active member of the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) and the American Legion.
(2006 obit) courtesy of Eleanor Miller Sanders

Lt Col Wayne USAF

USAF Pilot: F86 Sabrejet
Korean War-Vietnam War
F86 Sabrejet (Aviation)
F86 Sabrejet (Boeing)

military honors: Bronze Star
Distinguished Flying Cross

~ Lt Col Lloyd Gerald WAYNE ~
US Air Force (1949-1974)

Lloyd "Rocky" Gerald Wayne was born on September 23, 1931 to Frank Littleton and Hazel Wayne, passed away on May 6, 2015. Lloyd earned his High School Sports Hall of Fame Honors while at Albuquerque High School where he was a four year letterman in wrestling, football, and baseball. He attended Colorado State University on a wrestling and football scholarship before entering the Air Force his sophomore year. While awaiting OCS training, he taught military survival school in Colorado, California, and Florida. He performed 47 experimental high altitude sky dives into Lake Tahoe for military testing purposes. He graduated first in his class in OCS selecting fighters. He flew the F86 in combat over Korea and earned an alternate spot with the Thunderbirds. Upon returning state side, he was stationed in Oregon, flying over the Pacific patrolling Russian Air space before enrolling in the University of Texas, to earn his Aerospace Engineering degree. Thereafter, he was assigned to Edwards Air Force Base to help design the X-15 along with Chuck Yeager, and worked on the SR-71 Blackbird. He was promoted to Major and stationed at Cam Rahn Bay as a squadron commander during Vietnam. He flew over 137 missions while in Vietnam earning the Bronze Star of Valor and The Distinguished Flying Cross. He rose to the rank of Lt. Colonel before moving back to his hometown of Albuquerque. He was assigned to Kirtland Air Force Base in 1972 until his retirement in 1974. He then raised drilling funds for an independent local drilling company, Pedco. He was nominated to serve as Director of Aviation for the State of New Mexico, and was instrumental in saving Kirtland Air Force base from closure by the Clinton Administration.
(2015 obit) courtesy of Sandra Bullis Wayne

gravesite: Sect 21 #988
Santa Fe National Cemetery
USA-NM.Santa Fe.Santa Fe

~ Sgnlman 2C RM.WHITE ~
US Navy (1942-1946 WWII)

Robert McEwen White (1923-1997) joined the US Navy in Nov 1942 and served most of the two years and seven months in the South Pacific, except for a couple of trips to Attu and a few trips to the West Indies in the Caribbean. He was discharged Jan 5 1946 as a signalman 2nd class and had served with the Armed Guard communications and gun crews aboard merchant ships. He was awarded an honorable discharge, Asiatic Pacific Area Campaign Medal, American Area Campaign Medal, good conduct medal and was also a qualified marksman in the indoor rifle range.
(1997 obit) courtesy of Terry Jay White

gravestone 1997 Robert White
Mount Hope Cemetery Baker City OR
courtesy of Cherie Branch Wheless

AMERICAN involvement in WORLD WAR II (1939-1945)

Greg D Feldmeth "US History Resources" Tuesday 31 March 1998

Germany invades Poland
Germany's Blitzkrieg

Battle of Britain
US enacts draft bill
Bases-Destroyer deal
Lend-Lease plan
Germany invades Russia
Atlantic Charter
Japan attacks Pearl Harbor
FDR declares war on Japan
Battle of Coral Sea
Midway Island
Allies attack Germans
Guadalcanal-Solomon Islands
Germans surrender
Germans surrender
Allies invade Sicily
Italy surrenders
Rome surrenders
D-Day Invasion
Allies retake Paris
Battle of Leyte Gulf
Battle of the Bulge

Ludendorff Bridge captured
Tokyo bombing raids
Russians take Berlin
V-E Day (Victory-Europe)
General MacArthur
retakes the Philippines
V-J Day (Victory-Japan)

1939 Sep 1 Fri
1940 Mar-Jun

1940 Fall
1940 Sep
1940 Sep
1940 Nov
1941 Jun-Dec
1941 Aug
1941 Dec 7 Sun
1941 Dec 8 Mon
1942 May
1942 Jun
1942 Nov
1943 Feb
1943 Feb
1943 May
1943 Jul
1943 Sep
1944 Jun 4 Sun
1944 Jun 6 Tue
1944 Aug
1944 Oct
1944 Dec

1945 Mar 7 Wed
1945 Mar
1945 Apr
1945 May 7 Mon
1945 Apr-Jun
1945 May-Jul

1945 Aug 6 Mon
1945 Aug 9 Thu
1945 Sep 2 Sun

Western Europe

Great Britain
Washington DC
Washington DC & London
Washington DC
North Atlantic
Hawaii-Pearl Harbor
Washington DC
South Pacific Ocean
Central Pacific Ocean
North Africa
South Pacific Ocean
North Africa-Tunisia
France-Normandy coast
East Pacific & Philippines
border region-
Philippine Islands

Japan-Tokyo Bay

Soviets counter. Eng/France declare war
Luxembourg/France crushed by Germans
German air raids bomb British cities
Register all US men 21-35 limit 900,000
exchange 50 destroyers for use of 8 bases
US 'lends' Britain military equipment
German two-front war/stop 15m Moscow
FDR & Churchill agree - war on Nazism
Japan's 361 warplanes attack US Hawaii
Congress approved. German & Italian war
US halted Japan's advance on Australia
US sunk 4 Japanese aircraft carriers
Allies land-Germans retreat to Tunisia
US takes 1st island in hopping strategy
Fierce fighting and heavy casualties
+250,000 Germans & Italians captured
Largest amphibious invasion in history
Italians stop fighting, Germans continue
Rome (city-state) surrendered to Allies
Allies 4600 ships invaded, heavy losses
Allies retake Paris France
60 Jap ships largest naval battle in history
German counter-offensive to retake Belgium
crushed by Allied reinforcement
US Army capture was pivotal in conquest
US massive fire-bombing kill 83,000
German capital taken. Hitler suicide
Germany surrenders unconditionally
30+ US ships sunk and 80,000 US losses
Manilla fell to US in May. July surrender
of Japanese after 60,000 US casualties
US drops 1st atomic bomb killing 180,000
US drops 2nd atomic bomb killing 80,000
Japan surrenders: emperor retains throne

Korean War (1950-1953)

Although CMSgt DC Skinner is not a descendant of the Bullis family, his military career crossed paths with then TSgt-MSgt Branch between 1956-1959 at Eglin AFB Florida. The Korean experiences of the two soldiers were as extremely diverse as the years of tour and political-military atmospheres. History is written in the chapters of those whose lives are shaped by the experiences of their times.

Winter's Road by Don C Skinner
"Winter's Road" by Donald C Skinner
US Air Force ~ CMSgt retired
Together We Served

fictional account of the Korean War
published 1991 Vantage Press Inc
ISBN: 0-533-08999-9

Military Factory ~ USAF Ranks
Wikipedia ~ US Military Awards
Korean War Project Bookstore
The Patriot Files
biography of Don C Skinner

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