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Sent: April 1, 2008 8:06 AM
Subject: Exploring a Nature Reserve


On Friday, March 7th, I went with a bunch of other Christians for an overnight camping trip in the hills west of Jerusalem. The campground was in a pine forest on top of a line of hills. We collected fire wood and had a fire that night. For dinner we had spaghetti. After dark, we walked over to an outlook that had a good view of the surroundings. We sang some worship songs while someone played the guitar. I slept out under the trees and the stars that night.

The next morning we saw flocks of storks fly over us and begin circling not too far away. After packing up we began hiking along the line of hills. Forest gave way to lush meadows filled with red wildflowers. We came upon an area of ruins and caves where we had a contest to find an old well. We read scripture there and took group pictures. We then continued on our hike.

After a while we descended from the hills, and passing some cattle, came to where there was a cave complex. The caves had been used by Jewish rebels, and had tiny passages with sharp turns that were perfect for defending. There was also a room with rows of holes in the walls for raising pigeons. We got quite dirty crawling around in there. When finished, we got in the vans and headed back to Jerusalem.

God bless you, Michael

Sent: April 1, 2008 8:06 AM
Subject: Wadi Ha'Amud


Just a little news from Israel. I went on a short hike last Friday (Mar 28th). We drove up to the Sea of Galilee and went hiking in a canyon up the road from the north shore. The name of the canyon was Wadi Ha'Amud. This translates as Wadi of the Pillar. It is called this because there is a large natural column of stone there. There are a lot of caves in the area, but we didn't go into any. We ate lunch under a tree and played some frisbee. Our ride had to stay up north, so we caught a bus to Tel Aviv and from there we took a sherut taxi back to Jerusalem. It was a fun trip.

God bless you all, Michael

Michael the cave explorer

view through wall

posted: Tue29Jul2008