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Psalm 96 (1) O Sing unto the LORD a new song: sing unto the LORD, all the earth. (2) Sing unto the LORD, bless His Name; shew forth His salvation from day to day. (3) Declare His glory among the heathen, His wonders among all people. (4) For the LORD is great, and greatly to be praised: He is to be feared above all gods. (5) For all the gods of the nations are idols: but the LORD made the heavens. (7) Give unto the LORD, O ye kindreds of the people, give unto the LORD glory and strength. (9) O worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness: fear before Him, all the earth. (13) ... for He cometh to judge the earth: He shall judge the world with righteousness, and the people with His truth. KJV

A Bible Album

A Family Album

A Photo Album

1897 Oxford Bible
1897 Oxford Bible Teacher's Edition

A Bible Album:
BIBLE ~ Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth ... a simple way of explaining a complex and inter-related collection of letters containing information and instructions, covenants and contracts, parables and principles, all written through numerous pens over thousands of years by God Himself to each of us. There should be no such question, 'Is there a God, does such a Being exist?' What each of us believes does not form, control, or change a reality. He said, 'In the beginning, God created'. What each of us can control or change is our response to the Book that contains the answers to life's questions and provides a glimpse into a reality that is permanent and timeless, veiled until our journey there. The Bible is a legal and binding document of relationship between God and mankind, corporately and individually; of marriage, birth, and adoption, both physically and spiritually. Relationships begin with family, but family began with God ~ can we be in the family of the Living God? He has made the only WAY, through the only TRUTH, into the only LIFE ... the Only Begotten Son of God provides and ensures all legal adoptions, with full rights of an heir, into the Family of God.

c 1904 John & Elizabeth Bullis Family
1904 Bullis Family : Emerson Canada

A Family Album:
'Family' is where relationships begin. Some of the nicest people and closest friends you know are family even though the bonds that hold the surest are formed from kinships of the spirit & soul as well as of the bloodlines. Relationships and friendships, shaped by time and place, events and experiences, personalities and interests, write the pages of history. A Family Album is a history of the 'BULLIS' and 'related' families, of those individuals and relationships which made each of their descendants who they were and who we are today. The Album begins with William BULLERS & Elizabeth BLAKE, who married and lived in Sheepshead, Leicestershire, England. They left the land of their birth and home in England and made the land of Canada and the 'BULLIS' name their own. This Family Album hopes to portray and remember those individuals who made that journey and their descendants, following them through the generations, and times and places in which they lived; to preserve the histories and relationships of the past for those of the present and future who share in this family heritage. A Family Album is a repository and remembrance of those who are gone, but not forgotten.

Wailing Wall prayers Jerusalem Israel
Prayers & Western Wall : Jerusalem

A Photo Album:
Photographs, as well as words expressing thoughts and feelings, are an invaluable way to communicate with others. We feel as though we get to know someone if we 'meet them' or share in their experiences through writing and photos. These experiences and events, even the daily commonplace, are an important part of our journey through life ~ recording significant activities in photographs and journals reinforces and preserves those moments in our memories, as well as enables us to share our experiences with others. Some photographs and writings are documents of time, people, or place, while others may be artistic expressions. The ways we choose to express ourselves may vary; a painter's brush, a keyboard of letters or musical notes, a voice or camera's lens ... the artistic creativity in each of us needs to be realized in some form or another. Since God the Creator of all things made man 'in His image', we have a need to satisfy that creativity through which we communicate and express ourselves. We hope you enjoy the Albums ~ the experiences and expressions of those who have shared a part of themselves. May enrichment reward you as you see through their eyes and hearts.

About MEZEV:
Mezev was begun as a way of keeping a family in touch with a teenage son who was preparing to set off into the sunrise to see a world he had only dreamed of seeing. As he settled into his new life on the other side of the globe and new experiences gave no time for the Mom-paid website, he generously gave his webmaster authority and blessings to his Mom, then joined the Facebook scene. Her younger son, who has become a self-taught computer techie, thinks his Mom is 'technically challenged' as he tries to tell her about the latest interesting computer topic and receives glazed stares in reply. So, please be generous and forgiving if Mezev lacks professional style. This webmaster (aka "the bag lady" since she carries each project in bags of their own, including a mezev bag of matching webpage color!, from home to work and back home again) will be slowly building albums page by page. May you enjoy a moment or many as the Albums take you on journeys into times past or to lands far and near to meet people unknown and those you hold dear!

Contact MEZEV:
Contact Mezev to share comments, photographs, information, and histories; response (hopefully positive!) to the endeavor is so greatly appreciated since this encourages the efforts invested to share these histories & genealogies of the Bullis & Related Families, as well as the Photo Album of experiences and expressions. Communications of interest to the topics will be contained in Mezev Mail with links to 'Come A Visiting' and 'Conversations' as emails and letters or calls and visits bring content to be shared and maybe questions to be answered! Perhaps you will find forgotten family generations of the past, stay connected with family and relationships of the present, and establish friendships that will satisfy the spirit and the soul. Hopefully Mezev.Info! will become a dream realized, an interesting and treasured storehouse for sharing many aspects of life ~ may you take part in making this a place to gather and a gathering place!

The Mezev map is a helpful index and 'quick link' to each of the Albums and sections within them. As you read the various pages, watch for links embedded in the text or footnoted to give additional background and information about the topic at hand. When content has been obtained from other websites or sources, links and labels will be provided, which will give these sites additional visitors and due credit to the originators! Most of the pages within Mezev will be posted with an original posting (post) date; when revisions are made, a revised (rvsd) date will be added beneath the post date. As this endeavor focuses on A Family Album updates will be posted frequently as work progresses on the histories & genealogies. Notices of interest and announcements will be contained in Mezev Messages as new pages or topics are added ~ featured sections and links will let you know when The Family Gathering Newsletter or similar segments are ready for review. May this map give concise clarity for confident touring to visitors ~ family, friends, and guests alike!

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