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Language and words are fascinating ~ we use words to express ideas, create 'images' to evoke and convey thought and emotion. Many people of this family over the years and generations have been gifted with a turn of phrase, a way to create word images for our mind's eye to 'capture' as a camera would. This 'Album' is a showcase of those with talents to express, who use not only prose and poetry, but artistry in many venues. May you share in these expressions, a reflection of each author and artist, and may you be blessed in the sharing.


Artistic Expressions

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Cher ~ Cherie Branch Wheless

1993 My Cat
2007 The Gift He Gave

Daisy ~ Elizabeth Natalie Bullis Martin

1944 Our Crosseslink

Lessie ~ Celestia Ann Chamberlain Bullis

1944 Friendship & Other Poemslink

Michael ~ Michael Christopher Wheless

2006 That We Might Livelink

Vera ~ Vera Margaret Nordgren Bullis

Cloud Pictureslink


Artistic Expressions

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Steve ~ Stephen Arthur Gjertson

Classical Realism : Artist of Oils TRIAD~Three American Painters
Stephen Gjertson ~ Artist

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