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Memorial Day dedication poem of 1944
This poem, written by Daisy B Martin, was published in the Pine County Courier on May 25, 1944. Daisy's husband, Arthur Martin, and her two brothers, Elmer and Adrian, served in the Army during World War I. Elmer served in France as a lieutenant. Daisy's son-in-law, Arthur Gjertson, served in the Army in Europe in World War II. (reprinted Thu 26 May 1994)

1976 Daisy Bullis Martin
1976 Daisy Bullis Martin

by Daisy Bullis Martin
Sandstone Minnesota


In Flanders Field our crosses stood
In World War Number One;
But now they are in every land
Beneath the setting sun.
From Greenland's icy mountain
to India's coral strand,
In row on row - in sacred ground -
Those silent crosses stand.
If they could speak for those
Who sleep so peacefully below,
With gratitude and reverence
We'd bow our heads, I know;
For not one Mother's son of them
Gave less than of his best,
That we who tarry here at home
May some day have a rest
From greed, and lust, and war,
And pain of severed family ties;
And find again the deep content
That in a world - peace lies.
Our Crosses are in every land -
God grant that they may be
The symbol for all time to come

stone A M Bullis
stone E R Bullis
stone A C Gjertson

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