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'Friendship & Other Poems'
These poems, written by Celestia Ann Chamberlain Bullis, are in a collection of her poetry titled 'Friendship and Other Poems' which was published in 1944 by her husband, John Jay Bullis, for their Golden Wedding Anniversary. (booklet contained in the Bullis Family Scrapbook by Betty Martin Gjertson)

Celestia Ann Bullis
Celestia Ann Bullis

by Celestia A Bullis
St Paul Minnesota


I built a ship, my very own,
~ I built it don't you see.
I made it broad and stout and firm
~ To sail life's widening sea.
The hull is made of kindly deeds
~ Ribbed firm with cords of love,
The masts are straight and firm as Truth,
~ They ever point above.

The anchor, Faith, I often cast
~ In waters calm and clear;
In peaceful ports She rides secure
~ When storm clouds hover near.
I love this ship, this pleasure craft,
~ This friendship boat of mine,
I've sailed on it from early youth,
~ It will sail 'til end of time.

In building this, my friendship boat
~ I have not built for naught;
In cabin, deck, and snow-white sail
~ Life's lessons have been taught,
And at the helm my Pilot stands
~ To guide me on life's sea,
To be a friend, and have a friend
~ Is what He says to me.

The Old Giant Cottonwood

It stands in the backyard, its roots 'neath the wall
The old giant cottonwood, stately and tall.
How long it's been there, no man can say ~
Year after year, day after day.

Only a cottonwood, but I see more,
A mighty warrior at my back door.
It's battled the elements through cold and heat,
Torrent and tempest with never defeat.

its proud arms wave gracefully,
In wind storm or calm,
Its silver leaves jingle a glad happy song.
I love this old cottonwood, graceful and tall,
Casting its shadow on my garden wall.

post: 2008Jul12Sat