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This poem, written by Vera Margaret Nordgren Bullis, was published in the 'Ideals Magazine', date unknown ~ if anyone has a copy of this magazine or knows the dates it was written and published, please notify mezev.info! (copied and submitted by Betty Martin Gjertson 1988)

Vera Nordgren Bullis
Vera Nordgren Bullis

by Vera Nordgren Bullis
North Branch Minnesota

Cloud Pictures

Have you ever sat atop a hill
on a dreamy summer day,
and watched the clouds drift slowly by
and the pictures they portray?

You see grand castles in the sky,
and men on steeds take form;
and ships that glide on seas of blue,
and boats caught in a storm.

A laughing, tumbling circus clown ~
and following in his train
an elephant, a tall giraffe,
a bear and long-legged crane.

On and on they march along
and soon they disappear.
Now the story book is closed~
the sky is blue and clear.

post: 2008Jul12Sat