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Mezev Mail is devoted to comments from family & friends about Mezev.Info! with this collection of albums: A Family Album, the Family Gathering Newsletter, A Photo Album, Journey Journal, A Bible Album & Study ... the contents of this storehouse. So 'come avisiting' and contribute to conversations, offer comments, ask questions and hopefully find or receive answers. May Mezev.Info! be a blessing to all who visit a while or often, browse & enjoy, or share their impressions & interests, experiences & stories, through documents, genealogies, histories, & photographs, about themselves and their families.

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Stephen Gjertson 2009Jan19Mon MN.Minneapolis


Dear Friends and Family,

Forgive me for sending this "bulk" mailing, but I wanted to let you know that, after almost seven years of work and three hard drive crashes, my web site is finally on line. We will upload the remaining illustrated articles periodicaly until they are all up. I cordially invite you to visit, if you are able. I hope that you find it worth the time, effort and expense. Thank you.

Sincerely, Stephen Gjertson and Family

Barbara Bullis
The Family Gathering Newsletter
FGNL: 2008.Dec ~ Remembrance


Isabelle Butters
Mezev.Info ~ A Family Album


You did a marvellous job of the website. Thanks so much!!

Doug Bullis
Mezev.Info ~ A Family Album
Remembrance: Veterans Day


Hi. What a lot of fun to know our history! Thanks for the good work. Keep it up!!!
After browsing your website and looking at the vets I wanted to share some additional information: If you don't already know, my son, Daniel Patrick Bullis will be deploying to Afghanistan or Iraq this Spring. Daniel is a Lance Corporal in the Marines. This is his first deployment. He is currently in California doing some pre-deployment training. I've attached a picture of him. He is the great grandson of Everard Jay Bullis who served in the Marines in WWI. Semper Fi! Ooohh-RAH!!! :-) I would also like to point out that Daniel graduated from Marine Bootcamp in San Diego January 3, of 2008. Out of 496 recruits, he graduated #1 and was chosen as Company Honor Man. I'm proud! Doug Bullis
Jan10Sat ~ Did you know Everard wrote a book?

Bob Bullis
Mezev.Info ~ A Family Album


WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you very much for the GREAT web site. You are to be commended for all the effort and hard work you have done. Great job. I still have some parts to look at.

Stephen Gjertson
A Family Album: Generations 4 & 5 (Book)
Daisy & Art Martin and Betty & Art Gjertson


Just a Christmas note to thank you for the revised and updated Bullis family genealogy. It is absolutely phenomenal. It was a huge job to gather and put together such a comprehensive amount of information, but what a treasure for us. Through it we can remember and cherish the ones we have loved so dearly. We appreciate it so much and will spend many hours reading the entire book. Thank you! Will check out the website when I can. Thanks again for all of your work. Steve

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