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The Bullis~Blake Family
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A Family Album:
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A Family
FGNL Archives

c 1884 John & Elizabeth Bullis family

A FAMILY ALBUM: The Bullis~Blake Family History & Genealogy
This website Album contains only the Bullis selections from 'a work in progress' ~ the publishable version of 'A Family Album' which is composed and compiled in Word and Excel formats. The purpose of this endeavor is to organize, store, and share accurate, complete, and documented information and to preserve the histories and memory of individuals for their descendants. This self-appointed family genealogist hopes to make this unofficial website 'The' website for the Bullis~Blake & related families. Descendants of the Bullis~Blake siblings are living throughout the United States and Canada, with a few living in other countries of the world. The Internet is a marvelous tool and technology to span time and place, as well as a means of connecting and collaborating with the efforts of others in preserving their Bullis family histories and genealogies. This website will hopefully become 'a place to gather and a gathering place' for us all. Through the years there have been several editions of this work 'published' ~ beginning with the great grandparents of 'my line' in the 1970's, including descendants from the great great grandparents in the 1990's, and now ever expanding to include many descendant lines from the first family whose journey brought them from Sheepshead, Leicestershire, England, to settle on Wolfe Island, Ontario, Canada.

Gen6 ... B.93512:
Cherie Branch Wheless

B: Bullis & Blake
B.9: Bullis & Davis-King
B.93: Bullis & Rennix
B.935: Forstrom & Bullis
B.9351: Branch & Forstrom
B.93512: Wheless & Branch

Related Families by Marriage
REN: Rennix & Hampton

Contributing family genealogists ~
Gen3 ... B.75: George Edmund BULLIS
Gen4 ... B.752: Marion Bullis Steele YOUNG
Gen4 ... B.935: Lucie Bullis FORSTROM
Gen4 ... B.952: Everard Jay BULLIS
Gen5 ... B.1711: Thomas John PRITTIE
Gen5 ... B.9321: Betty Martin GJERTSON
Gen5 ... B.9711: Jacqueline Bullis HAHNE

Contributing researchers & resources ~
* The Islands ~ Islands of the St Lawrence
website compiled by Jennifer Hoeltzel Wylie
* Wolfe Island ~ Brian MacDonald
& Anne Marie MacDonald Benson
* researchers & technicians ~
various American states & Canadian provinces
* The Anglican Diocese of Ontario ~
90 Johnson St Kingston ON K7L 1X7
* Idaho State Historical Library & Archives ~
2205 Old Penitentiary Rd Boise ID 83712
* LDS Family History Center ~
3676 W Dorian St Boise ID 83705
* Boise Public Library ~
715 S Capitol Blvd Boise ID 83702

1977 Jun 22 Wed ~
Mathew & Sarah Bullis
The Bullis Family Genealogy

1991 Jul 10 Wed ~
The William Bullis Family History
~ Canada & the United States

family history collection
Idaho State Historical
Library & Archives

2001 book & 2008 web
A Family Album:
The Bullis~Blake Family
History & Genealogy

~ a work in progress

Dear Family: The Genealogy of the William Bullis Family (through John Bullis and his sons, William John and Mathew ) is compiled for, by, and because of YOU! Each member of the family has contributed to the genealogy just by being; each is unique, each has a history of his or her own to share, each makes this a family of character. Having known those of the older generation was a gift of life because each person is so special and has so much to share. How often have you wondered about your great-grandparents and their lives? How often is the knowlege about them lost as time goes on? A genealogy is not just a collection of names and dates; it is more because it is a remembrance of those who came before us, a reminder to those who will come after. A genealogy is a folk history, about the times, the people, and the events of their lives. I hope you will all share in compiling the William Bullis Genealogy with me, and especially, I hope you will enjoy the results. 1991

Over the years, the material collected and the satisfaction of 'filling in the blanks' has become a responsibility as well as a challenging endeavor. What began as a young child's fascination was later encouraged by the amazement that someone in the distance of time and place had hand-written my name into their typed list of names and dates. The efforts of those family genealogists of the previous generations were extensive, yet incomplete and even inaccurate as they were limited by their knowledge and available resources. While we lived with the relatives for those few years in MN and WI, I began interviewing the family members and writing down as much as they could tell me, then I asked them to write about themselves and their own families. I am so thankful I did and they did, as those of that older generation are gone ~ and as the ebb and flow of generations and years continues, the younger ones are now the elders and the youngsters are now in the mid-years of life, including myself! 2008

Dedicated: Lucie & Betty

1992 Lucie Bullis Forstrom ... 1981 Betty Martin Gjertson

This Bullis Family History & Genealogy is dedicated to my beloved maternal grandmother, Lucie Bullis Forstrom, and to my predecessor and mentor, cousin Betty Martin Gjertson, whose work enabled mine, to all of those who came before, and to my dear children and those who will come after. My heart-felt thanks goes to all of you in each family who have contributed to recording the genealogies and histories of the individuals who were and are a part of this family and who are a part of our memories. Without you and the information, photographs, and material that you have provided, this Family Album would not be an album of 'personal portraits' as names and dates are only a shadow of who we are. Thank you to all of you for your patience and willingness to share yourselves and your families with this self-appointed family genealogist! 2001

Why do a genealogy? What was the source of my interest in knowing who my family was, where they came from, and the details about them? ... I first became interested in 'family' and getting to know them when my family visited WI and MN in July 1966. Then in June 1970, our family moved to Superior WI. Why did this begin a life-long interest and endeavor? (1) As an Air Force family, we were on the move every two years and lived in many places. (2) Superior and nearby towns were where my parents and their parents were born and raised. (3) When we visited the area in 1966, we met so many relatives and my paternal grandmother who were unknown to me. (4) Being with relatives was always a special time, especially when we lived near and were able to be with my maternal grandparents through the years. 2001


Mr & Mrs John Bullis
Celebrate Golden Wedding
~ The Journal Newspaper ~
Emerson, Manitoba, Canada

On September 20th, 1858, John Bullis and Elizabeth Davis King were married on Wolfe Island, Ontario, where they both resided. On September 20th, 1908, they celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary at home with their family in Emerson, Manitoba, Canada. In commemoration of the 150th Wedding Anniversary of John & Elizabeth Bullis, this edition was begun for their descendants who live across Canada & the United States. 11/2008 (work in progress)

c 1908 Elizabeth & John Bullis


Veteran's Day
Bullis & Related Family Veterans

On November 11th, the United States remembers our Veterans from all Military Services of past & present enlistments. The Bullis Family has given their best, in war & career, across Canada & the United States. 11/2008

1944 Our Crosses
by Daisy Bullis Martin
~ references ~
Surname Alpha Index

1929 wedding certificate Ade & Lu

History & Genealogy:
This endeavor is a collaborative 'work in progress' with equal emphasis on all words! Information compiled into a single page of a chart, let alone the 'artifacts' of photos, clippings, and letters, has literally taken years to collect from relatives, government and society archives, with some stories of the finding as fascinating as the lives being researched. Once collected, all must be compiled into a usable, meaningful, and presentable 'Family Album' (book & web editions), again taking time to fit the pieces of the puzzles together. Proof-reading, verifying, and contributing to the history and genealogy provides a place for everyone interested in preserving and sharing our 'inheritance'. Please become a part of this endeavor as you visit 'A Family Album', view the records and documents that are available, and contribute to those that are not posted or are incomplete and lacking information known only to your family line. Preserving the relationships is like putting together a large jigsaw puzzle, whose pieces are small and detailed, and sadly sometimes missing, to reveal the picture of a Family Portrait!

~ Generations of Families & Photos of Faces ~
Families & Faces
Descendants of Bullis Lines in each Generation

This Generation Index is the collection of families organized into the generations and relationships in which they lived. Portraits of wedding couples, individuals, and families give wonderful 'identity' to the names represented in each generation. Families listed may have histories on additional webpages, giving us a glimpse into their lives, experiences, and self-expressions ~ surnames will be the link to more details in biographies & photographs and documents & records on family pages and the alpha index.

~ Gazetteer of Places & Index of People ~
People & Places
Descendants of the Bullis & Related Families

This Descendant Index is the collection of individuals organized into the families and relationships in which they lived. A parallel index lists the same names in alphabetical order, though a search function may be used to take the cursor directly to the name requested. The Gazetteer of Places precedes the Descendant Index; as places often become an important reference for understanding settings in which they lived, as well as being part of contributing factors, experiences, and influences in their lives.
(see Canada-Ontario.WolfeIsland)

~ Remembrance of those who have gone before ~
Stories & Stones
Descendants of Bullis Lines in each Generation

This Personal Index is the collection of individual stories & obituaries organized into the generations and relationships in which they lived. A 'Remembrance' not only honors those who have come and gone, who once contributed their productivity to the world around them, but also preserves the link of memories from one person or family to another. Each generation comes into existence within a preceding generation's accomplishments, decisions, and influence, proffering contributions themselves. May we each remember and be remembered.

~ Historical Timeline of Events & Families ~
Times & Lines (not begun)
Ancestors & Descendants of the Bullis Families

This Historical Index is a timeline correlating families and individuals with the world events that occurred during the times in which they lived. History, whether local, national, or global, as well as geographical, societal, environmental and geological changes, shape and define the perspectives, achievements, and movements of individuals within this framework. The 'Times & Lines' is organized by Time (eras & years), Events (history), and Localities (countries with states & provinces) showing when & where Families and Individuals were woven into the fabric of life.





A history & genealogy is a reflective portrayal of real people framed in time, events, and places. Information is necessary to form the 'skeletons' made of facts obtained from source documents or biographies. History connects times-places-events, while genealogy connects relationships and data, to make frames for portraits.

Documentation of facts, whether the sources are primary (ie marriage & birth) or secondary (ie obit & Bible), usually makes the difference between hearsay and recollections or actual facts and true representations of real people and events. The more there is of documentation, the more '3-D' or complete the portrait becomes.

Verification of information contained in source documents is as necessary as proofing the data recorded in an effort to preserve and then share that information. Some discrepancies and variations may occur in any format, requiring observance, analysis, and 'connecting the dots'. Use of notes helps identify and analyze variations.

Photographs, biographies and folk histories, as well as mementos form the 'flesh' of those being portrayed ~ without these, the 'skeletons' of facts and documents are 'dry bones'! A word portrait is incomplete without photographic portraits, ideally taken throughout the lives and times of the individuals or families remembered.

c 1904 John & Elizabeth Bullis family

The Family Gathering Newsletter:
FGNL began as a desire to stay connected to the family who had been so much a part of our lives. Moving to Idaho and having that family spread across the map of the United States, plus the elders getting older and visits few and far between, were the foundations of the idea for a family letter. In the days when letters were handwritten and mailed, the letters written by one sibling were shared with the others and called 'round robins.' Bringing all of these reasons and ideas together began the sporadic publication of 'The Family Gathering Newsletter'. A reason to continue has become apparent ~ as the years and generations are ever changing the experiences and relationships of this family, the once close-knit nucleus of one family is unknown only a generation or so beyond. The siblings and cousins who knew each other well and kept in touch or corresponded over the years, become 'lost' to the next generations who have their own family relationships and experiences of life. Each generation, family, and those who are a part of them, have their own 'chapters' to add to the stories for a family gathering newsletter.

Family Neighbors:
Once out in Idaho, we found we weren't so far from 'family' as we had thought. Just in the next valley, my grandmother's cousin had raised her family. Straight to the north in Canada, her closest cousin had raised her's. In my grandmother's later years, we had the opportunity to take her for visits with daughters of both cousins. We also found relatives across the Oregon border: my grandmother's cousin's family and a cousin of my grandfather's whose family lived in the same town ~ and they all knew each other. All three of our families were originally from Minnesota!

1987 FGNL Inquiry:
The Family Gathering Newsletter is an endeavor to keep family members in touch with each other and events important to us individually and as a family. Too often we would like to write or keep up with the news, but daily concerns and interests claim our time and energy. The Family Gathering Newsletter is published FOR and written BY descendants of William & Elizabeth Bullis of Wolfe Island, Canada. The Newsletter is being published to help us reach across the distance, daily routine, and generations to share our thoughts, accomplishments, special events, and daily life, as well as retain a sense of 'Family' and our history. Hopefully, we will all enjoy, participate, and gain from The Family Gathering Newsletter (descendants of Mathew & Sarah Bullis of Sandstone Pine Co MN).

Worth the Effort:
An amazing reward became evident from the modest efforts in gathering and compiling letters and news from and for the family ~ the letters began to reach distantly related family who then contacted the editor and started contributing to the endeavor! The most rewarding of all was a surprise visit from an unknown distant relative who lived on the East Coast, whose son now lives in the same state as the editor! There are stories of family meeting family in distant places ~ these are fascinating to hear and wonderful to experience. Some of the nicest people you meet and know are relatives! May we continue to share our stories and preserve our histories as individuals and as a family. May FGNL be a way of 'gathering' us together and most important of all ~ a way of keeping in touch!

The FGNL Archives list the 'web edition' Family Gathering Newsletters separately from the 'published' hardcopy letters of the past. Because this website is a new adventure to host the Bullis Family History & Genealogy, the Newsletters will also be 'published' in the web format. The web editions of both will expedite the distribution of information to an expanding 'mailing' list, as well as ease the process of printing, packaging, and mailing. Please let others who may be interested know about the website. Known family & friends will be included in email updates and notifications. The advantage of a web-based newsletter is the wide distribution and access to those associated with and interested in the Bullis Family.

The Family Gathering Newsletter

Surnames ...

Contents ...

About ...

FGNL ~ 2013
6th web edition
The Family Gathering Newsletter

William & Elizabeth Bullis Family
B1: Richard & Sarah Prittie
B6: Joseph & Emeline Bullis
B9: John & Elizabeth Bullis
B92: William John & Ellen Bullis
B93: Mathew & Sarah Bullis
B95: John Jay & Lessie Bullis
B97: Thad & Mary Bullis

Bullis & Related Families
OSGOOD (Pyle & Bullis)

Family Tree Trivia
New Beginnings
Nursery News
Yester Years
Journey Journal
Come A Visiting
Portraits & Poses
Going Somewhere

The Family Gathering
History & Hearsay
Come Join the Family
Baby Cries & Lullabies
~ In Loving Memory ~
Pages from the Past ...
Finding Family 'next door'
Experiences Along the Way
Going Places & Seeing Faces
Meeting Family Far & Near
Milestones on the Journey

PC & Earth

The Family on the WEB:
Since PC's and the 'Web' have become such an important part of our lives, as a source of information and a way of communicating, those of the family who have put this technology to use are sharing what is most important to them ~ themselves and their interests! Come along and see who they are and what they have done ... an instant, far-reaching, paperless, and powerful way to share with others of similar history & heritage or areas of interest. Please contribute websites of Bullis & Related Families as a way to connect and encourage communication among individuals, families, and friends of this 'Family Album' website ~ a place to gather and a gathering place! (photo credit) www.linsa.com

Family on the Web

Links About ...

Genealogy on the Web

Links About ...

B9244: ASTON
Shirley Butters Aston

The Saskatchewan Story ~
The Butters Family

Debora Lee Bullis

William (Bullows) Bullis
William Alanson Bullis

Whitney & Nancy Coombs

Maranatha Great Pyrenees
Coombs Families of New England

James Boruff

GenCircles: Search Global Tree
George Edmund Bullis

Robert & Lauren Friesenhahn


Diana Hunter

Hunter Family Tree:
Ann Bullis Bolton

Stephen Gjertson

Stephen Gjertson ~ Artist
Stephen Gjertson Galleries
TRIAD: Three American Painters

Richard Hascall

family of Mary Whiting Bullis

Rick & Vicky Harding

Rivers Wine Bar & Bistro
Rivers Italian
MN Grand Rapids

Scott Hayne & Stephanie Gjertson

portraits of daughter Ava

B93433: STUKAS
Mike & Roisin

Stukas Family of Colorado

B935121: WHELESS
Michael Wheless

Journey Journal ~
A Year Living in ISRAEL

Dr Brad Williams

Williams & Sivie Dentistry
TX Plano

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