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John & Elizabeth Bullis Family c1884 Emerson MB
c1884 Emerson Manitoba ~ John & Elizabeth Bullis Family
Minnie King Abbott's son Anson [noted as John] on Grandfather John's knee
courtesy of Shirley Butters Aston : Lloydminster AB Canada





When ~ B9:Documents

John Bullis

origin: English

b. 1831 Dec 05 Mon ~ (StGeo:Dec03Sat)
William Bullis Farm ~ Con 9 W1/2 Lot 1N
Wolfe Island.Frontenac.Ontario.CANADA
c. 1837 Feb 21 Tue ~ age 5 yrs 2 mos
St George's Cathedral (Vol 2K5 pg 68 #2)
d. 1915 Apr 09 Fri ~ age 83 yrs
(Burial Rcrd #164227)
Poplar Grove Farm
Lot 72 St Agathe Parish
b. 1915 Apr 11 Sun ~ Lot 179 burial #0
Emerson Cemetery.Emerson.Manitoba
o. Carpenter ~ Mechanic ~ Farmer
r. Anglican ~ Church of England

Elizabeth Bullis

origin: Welsh

b. 1830 Jun 23 Wed ~
Steuben.Oneida.NEW YORK.USA
c. unknown ~
d. 1917 Nov 01 Thu ~ age 87 yrs
(Burial Rcrd #066088)
Poplar Grove Farm
Lot 72 St Agathe Parish
b. 1917 Nov 04 Sun ~ Lot 179 burial #192
Emerson Cemetery.Emerson.Manitoba
o. Wife ~ Mother ~ Farmer
r. Methodist Episcopalian

m. 1858 Sep 20 Mon (8 pm) ~ Frontenac Co (Vol 10 No 20 pg 13 MS248 R#6)
John Bullis age 26 & Elizabeth King age 26 [28] yrs, residents of Wolfe Island
Rev John Tuke, Minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Upper Canada
Parents: (Groom) William & Mrs Bullis (Bride) Matthew & Hannah King
[note: correct surname of the Parents of the Bride - DAVIS - not King]
[Elizabeth was the widow of William King. Matthew Davis was a widower]
Witnesses: William Randall & John Davis [brother of Elizabeth Davis King]
p. unknown ~ Wolfe Island.Frontenac.Ontario.CANADA


1858-1882 Bullis Farm (Con 8 Lot 2S E1/4) Wolfe Island Township.Frontenac.Ontario.CANADA
1881-1901 Bullis Farm (Lots 76 & 78) St Agathe Parish.Red River District.Franklin Municipality.Provencher.Manitoba.CANADA
1901-1911 Bullis Home (Lots in Block R & S) Town of Emerson.Manchester District.Provencher.Manitoba.CANADA
1911-1917 Poplar Grove Farm (Lot 72) home of Joseph Bullis.St Agathe Parish.Red River District.Franklin Municipality.Provencher.Manitoba.CANADA

1884 Williamena King Abbott 1904 Williamena King Abbott

K.1: KING.Williamena Elizabeth (Minnie)
b. 1855 Dec 10 Mon ~ Wm King Home
Wolfe Island.Frontenac.Ontario.CANADA
c. 1856 Jul 08 Tue ~ St George's Cathedral
d. 1931 Jan 29 Thu ~ age 75 yrs Speers.Saskatchewan.CANADA
b. unknown ~
N Battleford.Saskatchewan.CANADA

m. 1876 Dec 20 Wed ~
Wolfe Island.Frontenac.Ontario.CANADA

ABBOTT.Hugh Harrison (HH)
b. 1850 Apr 18 Thu ~
Wolfe Island.Frontenac.Ontario.CANADA
d.1931 Mar 26 Thu ~ age 81 yrs
N Battleford.Saskatchewan.CANADA

1884 Joseph Bullis 1904 Joseph Bullis

B.9.1: BULLIS.Joseph (Joe)
b. 1859 Jun 20 Mon ~ John Bullis Farm
Wolfe Island.Frontenac.Ontario.CANADA
c. 1860 Feb 12 Sun ~ Trinity Anglican Church
Wolfe Island.Frontenac.Ontario.CANADA
d. 1951 Jan 29 Mon ~ age 91 yrs
b. 1951 Feb 02 Fri ~ Emerson Cemetery

1884 William John Bullis 1904 William John Bullis

B.9.2: BULLIS.William John (Will)
b. 1862 Feb 03 Mon ~ John Bullis Farm
Wolfe Island.Frontenac.Ontario.CANADA
c. 1866 Dec 29 Sat ~ Trinity Anglican Church
Wolfe Island.Frontenac.Ontario.CANADA
d. 1933 Oct 16 Mon ~ age 71 yrs
b. 1933 Oct 19 Thu ~ Hillcrest Cemetery

m. 1888 Jun 05 Tue ~ Montcalm Rural Municipality

SCOTT.H'Ellen (Ellen)
b. 1868 Sep 13 Sun ~
d. 1935 Dec 25 Wed ~ age 67 yrs

1884 Mathew Bullis 1904 Mathew Bullis

B.9.3: BULLIS.Mathew (Mat.M Bullis)
b. 1864 Apr 10 Sun ~ John Bullis Farm
Wolfe Island.Frontenac.Ontario.CANADA
c. 1866 Dec 29 Sat ~ Trinity Anglican Church
Wolfe Island.Frontenac.Ontario.CANADA
d. 1942 Apr 11 Sat ~ age 78 yrs
b.1942 Apr 14 Tue ~ Spring Creek

m. 1889 Jul 18 Thu ~

RENNIX.Sarah Evelyn
b. 1861 Dec 02 Mon ~
Bleary.Lurgan.Armaugh.North IRELAND
d. 1954 Mar 25 Thu ~ age 92 yrs

1884 Robert Bullis 1904 Robert Bullis

B.9.4: BULLIS.Robert
b. 1866 Nov 01 Thu ~ John Bullis Farm
Wolfe Island.Frontenac.Ontario.CANADA
c. 1866 Dec 29 Sat ~ Trinity Anglican Church
Wolfe Island.Frontenac.Ontario.CANADA
d. 1933 Sep 17 Sun ~ age 66 yrs
b. unknown ~ Maymont Cemetery

m. 1898 Feb 02 Wed ~

MOSIER.Adella Medora (Della)
b. 1873 Oct 06 Mon ~
d. 1947 Sep 25 Thu ~ age 73 yrs
Prince Albert.Saskatchewan.CANADA

1884 John Jay Bullis 1904 John Jay Bullis

B.9.5: BULLIS.John Jay (JJ)
b. 1869 Jul 09 Fri ~ John Bullis Farm
Wolfe Island.Frontenac.Ontario.CANADA
c. 1878 Jun 15 Sat ~ Trinity Anglican Church
Wolfe Island.Frontenac.Ontario.CANADA
d. 1956 Mar 31 Sat ~ age 86 yrs
b. 1956 Apr 03 Tue ~ Lakewood Cemetery

m. 1894 Nov 01 Thu ~

CHAMBERLAIN.Celestia Ann (Lessie)
b. 1871 Jan 11 Wed ~
Fort Ann.Washington.NEW YORK.USA
d. 1956 Jul 07 Sat ~ age 85 yrs

1884 Gertrude Blanche Emily Bullis 1904 Gertrude Blanche Emily Bullis

B.9.6: BULLIS.Gertrude Blanche Emily (Gert.Em)
b. 1873 Feb 04 Tue ~ John Bullis Farm
Wolfe Island.Frontenac.Ontario.CANADA
c. no record ~ Anglican Archives
d. 1948 Jan 20 Tue ~ age 74 yrs
b. 1948 Jan 24 Sat ~ Emerson Cemetery

1884 Bidwell Hugh Thaddeus Bullis 1904 Bidwell Hugh Thaddeus Bullis

B.9.7: BULLIS.Bidwell Hugh Thaddeus (BT.Thad)
b. 1876 Feb 13 Sun ~ John Bullis Farm
Wolfe Island.Frontenac.Ontario.CANADA
c. 1878 Jun 15 Sat ~ Trinity Anglican Church
Wolfe Island.Frontenac.Ontario.CANADA
d. 1964 Mar 12 Thu ~ age 88 yrs
b. ~ Mont Meta Memorial Park
San Benito.Cameron.TEXAS.USA

m. 1902 Jun 17 Tue ~
West Concord.Dodge.MINNESOTA.USA

WHITING.Mary Clotilda
b. 1878 Apr 28 Sun ~
West Concord.Dodge.MINNESOTA.USA
d. 1961 May 07 Sun ~ age 83 yrs

Mathew & William Bullis
c1867 Mathew & William John
courtesy of Betty
Martin Gjertson
1879 Mathew Bullis
1879 Mathew Bullis 15 yrs
courtesy of Lucie
Bullis Forstrom
John Jay Bullis
c1884 John Jay Bullis 15 yrs
courtesy of Bob
Robert Gardner Bullis
Thad & Mary Whiting & Gert
Thad & Gert Bullis
~ Mary Whiting ~
courtesy of Betty

Wolfe Island Ontario to Emerson Manitoba

Mathew BULLIS (1941 Apr 03 Thu : WI Superior)
transcript typed by Grace Bullis Harding c/o CAWheless
original handwritten autobiography c/o RR Harding

I was born on Wolfe Island, near Kingston, Ontario, Apr 10, 1864, the 3rd son of John and Elizabeth Bullis. I was schooled in the little red school on the island from 5 years to 12 years, walking morning and night 3 1/2 miles. Father John was a carpenter and built many of the houses and barns for neighbors, while mother Elizabeth and the boys, Joseph, William, and I did the farming of the 100 acres of nice farm land. Father John worked at shipyards when no other carpenter work was obtainable. In the year 1882 our family migrated to Emerson, Manitoba, for my father's health. He had been ailing several years. The move did him good and he lived until Apr 9, 1915, and is buried at Emerson, where my mother also lies, she having passed on Nov 1, 1917, at age of 87. Father lived to age 83.

My father and Bro William and Sister Minnie had preceded our family by 2 years and the reports were, "Manitoba is a land of opportunity and plenty" my father and brother being employed by the Canadian Pacific Railway at a wage unheard of in Ontario. Mother being head of the house and farm on Wolfe Island was advised to have an auction and sell everything except a carload of animals, machinery and furniture, which we were to load in a freight car and ship with us. Accordingly, an auction was held, disposing of all but the car load. Joe, my elder brother, and Mother and myself, with the help of steamer "Pierrepont" noons, and "Maud" evenings, got the stuff hauled to Kingston, where car was loaded in one week. On April 12, 1882, car was started on the long run of 1800 miles. Joe was in charge of car, Mother, myself, John, Robert, Gertrude and Thad traveling on special excursion train. Such a lovely spring morning it was when we were to leave. Bob Boyd, a neighbor, kindly drove us down to the village with our baggage and hamper of lunch to do all the way, perhaps 3 or 4 days. Manitoba was a long way to go in those days.

My favorite cousin, Lucy Bolton, and cousin Jack Bullis to go to Kingston with us. Arriving in Kingston, we found Joe and car had gone earlier in the day. Mother finished up her business and we bade Lucy and Jack goodbye as boat left at 2:30. We afterwards got a cab and drove to Grand Trunk Ry [Railway] station, 2 1/2 miles out of Kingston on main line of Iron Ry tracks (now Canadian National Ry). We were told our train would be along soon, so we waited. Four special passenger trains went through before our 12 coach wood-slat seats train came along at 3am the next morning. At Sarnia [Ontario], all trains had to be ferried over the river. [Detroit River on the southern tip of Lake Huron at the Canadian-US border crossing from Ontario into Michigan]

At Chicago, we were picked up by Rock Island Railway, where we were hustled toward Minneapolis, where we arrived two days later. Here I found Joe and car, but he said he was getting along fine, had a milking cow and he was trading milk for bread to some others going in other cars. (One man accompanied each car to feed and water stock). Rock Island Ry ordered all out at Minneapolis, as their cars could go no further. After a delay of several hours, and finding out that the St Paul, Minneapolis and Manitoba Ry (now Great Northern) could not furnish coaches, the Rock Island coaches were cleaned and allowed to go on. We left Minneapolis about 5pm on Monday, arrived at Emerson 3am Wednesday. We were on those slat seats 5 days and nights, and they were getting harder and harder, and gruel getting lesser and lesser.

While it was beautiful spring in leaving Kingston, it was snow and ice in Manitoba. Joe and car arrived two days later, and barely was the car unloaded when the snow melted so rapidly the water could not be carried away fast enough, causing the Red River to rise so fast and so wide, the town bridge was taken off the piers and landed half a mile down river. We barely got settled in a house when water surrounded us. My father, in his thoughtfulness, had built a boat, not like Noah of old, for all who would climb in, but in anticipation of just such a happening. [continued ... B93: Mathew Bullis]

NOTES: Mathew turned 18 years old on Mon 10th Apr 1882. Joe left on Wed 12th Apr, with the rest leaving Thu 13th Apr 3am. Leaving Mon 17th Apr 5pm from Minneapolis, arriving Wed 19th Apr 3am Emerson. Joe arrived 2 days later, about the 20th or 21st, he doesn't say. Written almost 59 years later in his 76th year (Apr 1882-Mar 1941).

Resources: TheIslands ~ Thousand Islands 1800's ~ Steamships & Ferries ~ US Railroads ~ 1880 Canada ~ Photographs of Canada

John Bullis c1904 Emerson MB
John Bullis
John & Elizabeth Bullis Family c1904 Emerson MB
c1904 Emerson Manitoba ~ John & Elizabeth Bullis Family
courtesy of Isabelle Butters : Weyburn SK Canada
Elizabeth Bullis c1904 Emerson MB
Elizabeth Bullis

Bullis Family
Bullis Family c1908
Gertrude, Elizabeth
Joe, John Jay
Reginald, Mary
Stanley, John, Thad
courtesy of Betty
Martin Gjertson
Bullis Family

Mr and Mrs John Bullis Celebrate Golden Wedding

The Journal 1908 ~ Emerson Manitoba Canada

September 20th, 1858, 8 pm, John Bullis and Elizabeth Davis were married by Rev Mr Tuke, a Methodist minister, at Wolfe Island, near Kingston, Ont. In 1880 Mr Bullis came west and settled in Emerson, being followed in April of the next year by his wife and family, and has made his home here ever since. There were six sons and two daughters born, all of whom are still living -- Joseph B, of Emerson; Wm J, of Weyburn; Matthew, of Sandstone, Minn; Robert, of Emerson, John J, of Minneapolis; Bidwell T, Emerson; Mrs Hugh Abbott, Fielding, Sask; and Miss Gertrude, at home.

Fifty years having passed away on the matrimonial sea of life, tossed up and down by ripples, waves and even tempestuous storms the frail human barques reached the golden lining to the married life, and it was fitting, fitting indeed, that the date, Sept 20th, 1908, at 8 pm, should be made a time of rejoicing, with great thanksgiving. All of the sons and their wives, except Mrs J J, and several of the grandchildren and Miss Gertrude were gathered at the home, Mrs Abbott being the only child absent, and a letter was received from her in time to be read of her sorrow at not being able to come so far and extending congratulations to her father and mother upon attaining to an age when a golden wedding could be celebrated unbroken by any deaths in the family. John Banister, a nephew from Minneapolis, and Mrs Newman, a niece from Grand Forks, were present, as also Mr Hamilton, Rev E Phillips and wife, Mr Christie and wife, of Emerson, and Mrs Whiting, of Owatonna, Minn.

A dainty lunch was spread and the evening was passed most pleasantly in song, speech, praise and congratulation. The house was prettily decorated for the occasion with flowers, draping, ornaments and the two flags, Stars and Stripes and Union Jack, lovingly embracing each other. This no doubt was so that the sons from Uncle Sam's land could feel he had an eye on them even if they were in King Edward's domains. The aged couple received several useful and valuable presents from their friends at home and elsewhere, and at the close Wm J, in behalf of the children, presented each, father and mother, with a bag of gold coin as a token of love and remembrance.

THE JOURNAL congratulates Mr and Mrs Bullis and wishes them many happy years yet together, and that the family may remain unbroken and enjoy many of these home gatherings. (original clipping courtesy of 'Bob' Robert G Bullis : USA-WA.Spokane)

c1910 Elizabeth & John Bullis
c1910 Elizabeth & John Bullis
courtesy of Betty Martin Gjertson
1917 Bullis Family
1917 Bullis Family ~ Mother's funeral
courtesy of Betty Martin Gjertson


This is the last Will and Testament of me, John Bullis, of the Town of Emerson, situate in the Province of Manitoba,
made this seventh day of November, in the year of our Lord, Nineteen Hundred and fourteen. [Page 1 of 3]

Bequest I. I hereby devise and bequeath unto my wife Elizabeth Bullis for the term of her natural life, all my real property situated in the town of Emerson, comprising lots - one, two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight in Block "S"; and lots - one, two, three, {four, five,} {changed by consent} six, seven, eight, nine, and ten, in Block "R", as shown on a map or plan of said town, which plan is registered in the District Registry of Manchester as Plan Number 2; together with my dwelling house, outhouses and appurtenances thereto situated upon the said property; my said wife Elizabeth Bullis to have full power and privilege of disposing of all or part of afore-mentioned property, situated in the town of Emerson, should the need ever arise so to do; and after the decease of my said wife Elizabeth Bullis, I devise and bequeath all my afore mentioned real property [Page 2 of 3] situated in the town of Emerson, to my daughter Gertrude Blanche Emily Bullis, her heirs, administrators and assigns absolutely.
Bequest II. I bequeath to my wife Elizabeth Bullis, the notis [note/notice] held by me to the value of Thirteen Hundred Dollars together with all my household furniture and effects, except such articles that I may otherwise bequeath; together with my horse, buggy, cutter, and two cows, for her use and enjoyment during her widowhood, and after her death, I bequeath the same to my daughter, Gertrude Blanch Emily Bullis.
Bequest III. To my son Joseph Bullis I bequeath my rocking chair and my iron tackle.
Bequest IV. To my sons Joseph Bullis and Bedwell [Bidwell] Thaddeus Bullis I bequeath in equal shares my carpenter's tools, with the exception of my plow plane which I bequeath to my son William John Bullis. My black walnut stand I bequeath to my step-daughter Wilhelmina Abbott. [Williamena Elizabeth King Abbott]
Bequest V. I bequeath to my son Joseph Bullis, one hundred and twenty acres of Lot seventy-six of the Parish of St Agathe {in the Province of Manitoba} running east and west, adjoining his present property Lot seventy-four. I bequeath the balance of [Page 3 of 3] Lot seventy-six, which is fifty-two acres to my wife Elizabeth Bullis, and at her death the same to revert to my daughter Gertrude Blanche Emily Bullis.
Bequest VI. I bequeath to my children, the sums of money as follows, the same to come out of my property situated as follows: Lot seventy-eight of the Parish of St Agathe, in the Province of Manitoba. To William John Bullis, One Hundred Dollars. To Matthew Bullis, One Hundred Dollars. To John J Bullis, One Hundred Dollars. To Wilhelmina Abbott, Fifty Dollars, and to Robert Bullis, One Hundred Dollars. The balance of this property, Lot seventy-eight in the Parish of St Agathe, in the Province of Manitoba, I bequeath to my son Bedwell [Bidwell] Thaddeus Bullis.
Bequest VII. I hereby appoint my friends Mr James Turner of St Vincent, Minnesota, and Mr George Christie of Emerson, Manitoba, to be executors of this my last Will and Testament. In witness thereof I have set my hand in the presence of two witnesses this seventh day of November in the year of our Lord Nineteen Hundred and fourteen.

John Bullis (SEAL)

Witnessed and signed this seventh day of November in the year of our Lord Nineteen Hundred and fourteen in the presence of the Testator John Bullis and each other.

Henry H Rott (SEAL)
David A Tolton (SEAL)

End of Page 3 of 3 ~ Reverse of Page 3

This is "A" referred to in the affidavit of Henry H Rott sworn to before me this 30th day of April AD 1915
W R Forrester ~ A Commissioner in BR This is "A" referred to in the affidavit of David A Tolton sworn to before me this 30th day of April AD 1915
W R Forrester ~ A Commissioner in BR
This is the Last Will and Testament of John Bullis referred to in the oath of George Christie sworn to before me this 30th day of April AD 1915
~ George Christie. W R Forrester ~ A Commissioner in BR
This is the Last Will and Testament of John Bullis referred to in the oath of James Turner sworn to before me this 19th day of April 1915
~ James Turner. W R Forrester ~ A Commissioner in BR

Summary List of Will & Testament

Family bequeathed:
Wife Elizabeth Bullis ~ Emerson ~ property & effects
(during her life)
Red River Lot 76 - 52 acres
horse, buggy, cutter, 2 cows
Notis [note/notice] valued at $1300.00
Daughter Gertrude Blanche Emily Bullis ~ Emerson ~ property & effects
(after mother's death)
Red River Lot 76 ~ 52 acres
horse, buggy, cutter, 2 cows
Step-Daughter Wilhelmina Abbott [Williamena King Abbott] Red River Lot 78 ~ $50.00, black walnut stand
Son Joseph Bullis ~ (owns Lot 74) Red River Lot 76 ~ 120 acres, rocking chair, iron tackle, 1/2 carpenter tools
Son William John Bullis ~ Red River Lot 78 ~ $100.00, plow plane
Son Robert Bullis ~ Red River Lot 78 ~ $100.00
Son Matthew Bullis [Mathew] ~ Red River Lot 78 ~ $100.00
Son John J Bullis [John Jay] ~ Red River Lot 78 ~ $100.00
Son Bedwell [Bidwell] Thaddeus Bullis ~ Red River Lot 78 ~ balance of property, 1/2 carpenter tools

Property bequeathed:
Province of Manitoba ~ County of Provencher
Town of Emerson ~ District Registry of Manchester ~ Plan Number 2
Block "S" lots ~ one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight
Block "R" lots ~ one, two, three, six, seven, eight, nine, ten
Parish of St Agathe - Red River District - Franklin Municipality
Lot 76 ~ 172/5 acres (east-west) adjoining Lot 74 (Joseph)
Lot 78 ~ 100 acres ~ 166 1/2 acres Crown Grant 7th July 1882 purchased 2nd July 1881 from Sidney M Davy

In 1965 Ruth Bullis Thayer compiled the Bullis Family information, with the William & Elizabeth Bullis story apparently obtained from Marion Bullis Steele Young. The John & Elizabeth Bullis stories would have been from her father, John Jay, about his parents. Ruth recorded her Welsh Grandmother's dying words ~ Her last words were "Dwy yn barod" (I am ready) pronounced "Dewee ein barod" ~ According to this Welsh-English dictionary, the Welsh phrase "Dwy yn barod" should perhaps be written "dwy yn parod" with parod being confirmed in the Welsh-English Lexicon which identifies: dwy = two (fem) meaning double or pair. yn = in, at (prep). parod = ready (adj). Further searches in on-line dictionaries found the closest translation in the InterTran which returned "I am being readily" for the words "Dwy yn barod" also "Dwi 'n barod" with similar meanings of 'ready' for both parod and barod. When only "dwy" is entered, the meaning is clearly "I am being." The Cymru (Welsh) dictionary shows that "yn" precedes an adj, such as parod, to indicate an immediate action, and gives the meaning of parod as applies to a person "being ready (to do something)." Keep in mind that Elizabeth was born to Welsh parents in 1830 ~ long enough ago for possible changes in common words and phrases, yet the meaning of her last words were retained in this translation.

The Late John Bullis

Emerson, Manitoba, [Friday] April 16, 1915

... The death last Friday morning, April 9th, of John Bullis, another old-time resident of the Emerson district, was not unlooked for, as he had been gradually failing in health for a long time owing to a general breakdown. His age was 83 years, 4 months, and 4 days.
... The funeral took place on Sunday afternoon and a large representation of the district followed the remains to Emerson cemetery. Rev A W Mayse was the officiating cleryman, and during the service an appropriate solo was rendered by Mr Phillips. Four sons - Joseph, Wm J, Jno J and B T - acted as pallbearers at the house. Deceased had been an ardent Odd Fellow of more than 30 years standing, having joined the local lodge on October 30th, 1883, and in 1908 he was the recipient of a Veteran's Jewel, signifying his 25th year in the Order, which token he prized very highly. Brethren joined the cortege en route to the cemetery and performed the last sad rites to a departed brother. Five sons are now members of the IOOF.
... Mr Bullis was born on Wolfe Island, in the St Lawrence, Dec 5th, 1831. In early life he served his apprenticeship at the carpenter trade, which he followed for a number of years. He was married in 1858 to Elizabeth King Davis [Davis King]. In 1881 he came west to Emerson, settling in the Red River district. He moved into town with his family in 1901 and was a resident in Emerson for ten years. At the time of his death he was living with his son Joseph, where he and his now bereft partner had resided for the past four years.
... Besides his widow, he is survived by six sons and two daughters, namely, Mrs H H Abbott and Robert, of Richard, Sask; Joseph, Bidwell T and Miss Gertrude, of Emerson; Wm J, of Weyburn, Sask; Matthew, of Sandstone, Minn, and Jno J, of St Paul. (original clipping courtesy of Robert G Bullis : WA Spokane)

The Death of Mrs J Bullis

Emerson, Manitoba [no date-probably Friday, November 9, 1917]

... On Thursday, Nov 1, the death of Mrs John Bullis occurred at the residence of her son, Mr Joseph Bullis. The funeral was held on Sunday afternoon last at 2 o'clock. She had lived to the ripe old age of 87, having been born in the year 1830 at Steuben, New York. She was of Welsh descent and during her last days her speech was largely in the language of her childhood. Much of her life was lived at Wolf Island near Kingston, Ont, at which place she was married to John Bullis sixty-four years ago, coming to Emerson in 1882 and has since that date lived in the town and district. Eight children, six boys and two girls, mourn her loss. Mrs Abbott and Robert, of Oldbury, Sask; John, of St Paul; Matthew, of Sandstone, Minn; William, of Weyburn, Sask; Joseph, Gertrude, and Bidwell, of Emerson.
... The six sons were the pall bearers. This was the first time for nine years that the whole family had met together, and 14 years ago there was a family re-union when the parents celebrated their golden wedding. The service was conducted by the Rev G F Kaye at her late residence. By special request Mr Phillips rendered a solo entitled "Thy will be done," and Miss L Tandy officiated at the organ. Interment was made at the Emerson cemetery (*1). The deceased lady was a sister of Capt R [Robert] Davis, this city (*2).
NOTES: John & Elizabeth were married in 1858, 59 yrs earlier, not 64 yrs. The Golden Wedding was 9 yrs earlier in 1908. The Bullis Family Reunion and the photograph was 14 yrs earlier in 1903. Recorded by Ruth Bullis Thayer in 1965 ~ Her last words were, "Dwy yn barod" (I am ready)
(*1) original clipping courtesy of Robert G Bullis : WA Spokane
(*2) The Daily British Whig, Kingston, Ontario, Nov 27, 1917, page 6 transcript posted on TheIslands (scan courtesy of AM Benson : ON Toronto)

gravestone-John Bullis
Bullis Family headstone
1983 photos by CA Branch
gravestone-Elizabeth Bullis

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