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John & Elizabeth Bullis Family c1884 Emerson MB
c1884 Emerson Manitoba ~ John & Elizabeth Bullis Family
Minnie King Abbott's son Anson [noted as John] on Grandfather John's knee
courtesy of Shirley Butters Aston : CAN-AB.Lloydminster





CAN-ON.Wolfe Island

Province of Ontario Canada

Office of the Registrar General ~ One of the laws passed by the first Legislature of Upper Canada in 1793 provided for the issuing of Marriage Certificates by the clergy for a fee of one shilling, and for the registration of these Certificates by the District Clerks of the Peace. In spite of this the registration of vital statistics in Upper Canada was largely unregulated by civil authority during the first half-century of settlement, and what was accomplished was carried out by the clergy. However, some Marriage Registers were compiled by the District Clerks of the Peace, and these date back to the beginning of the 19th Century (1800).

The largest proportion of the surviving records compiled by the clergy are probably still held by the originating congregation, or the district adminstrative offices and archives of the various denominations. Some records have come into the possession of the university and government archives, including this institution, whose collection of Church, Cemetery, and Marriage records is listed in the Vital Statistics Inventory.

During the 1850's pressure was put on the government of Upper Canada to make more adequate provision for the registration of Vital Statistics by civil authority; in June 1857, a Statute was passed which enabled the clergy to issue Marriage Certificates for a fee of one shilling and three pence, if such were required by either of the parties concerned. They were also required to record all marriages in a Register which was to remain the property of the church of denomination, and to send annual returns to the County Clerks of the Peace, who acted as County Registrars. The Registrars were required to file the returns and to record their contents in Registers, which entries could later be used as proof of a marriage in the event of the death of the witnesses. These County Registers, maintained until the introduction of new legislation in 1869, were eventually sent in to the Registrar General's Office.

The 1857 Act remained in effect until January 1869 when an Act was passed 'to provide for the Registration of Births, Marriages, and Deaths'. Although the statistical year was to commence January 1st, this Act was to be enforced July 1, 1869. By this Act, the Provincial Secretary was to be the Registrar-General of the Province. The first report for a complete year was made by the Honourable MC Cameron in 1870. (history courtesy of the Ontario Archives)

Methodist Episcopal Church

Wesleyan Methodist ~ Methodist Episcopal ~ Circuit Riders

1858 marriage of John & Elizabeth Bullis

1858 marriage of John & Elizabeth Bullis

Ontario Archives Frontenac County Marriage Register
1858-1869 Vol 10 MS248 Reel 6 vol 88-89 and LDS#1030056 Item 4 Vol 10

Return of Marriages solemnized by the Reverand John Tuke a Minister of the Methodist E [Episcopal] Church
I do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true & correct statement of all marriages solemnized by me for the year ending 31st day of December AD 1858 (sigd) John Tuke Minister

Line 1: George Bullis age 20 & Ann Bushey age 16 married March 10 1858 ~ Parents: (Groom) William & Mrs Bullis (Bride) Abram & Amerila Bushey
Witnesses: John Bullis & Joseph Bullis
Line 3: John Bullis age 26 & Elizabeth King age 26 married September 20, 1858 ~ Parents: (Groom) William & Mrs Bullis (Bride) Matthew & Hannah King
Witnesses: William [Pendall or Randall] & John Davis

NOTES: need (1) clarification of Line 3 surname of Witness William (2) where these marriages took place ~ the 1860 map of Marysville shows the 'Epis Church' with a cemetery near the Horne property, while the 1878 map shows the 'Cath Church' and 'Church Eng' (the Trinity Anglican Church).
Line 1: George was actually the grandson of William & Elizabeth Bullis, son of their eldest daughter Sarah Bullis Wenborn Prittie. George and a sister were 'adopted' by the Bullis grandparents after their father, Joseph Wenborn, died and their mother remarried. Witnesses John Bullis & Joseph Bullis were uncles of George Wenborn, who 'adopted' the Bullis surname.
Line 3: Elizabeth King was the widow of William King and daughter of Matthew & Hannah DAVIS not KING; the Reverend either assumed or erred in writing the marriage return. Witness John Davis was eldest brother of Elizabeth, who was age 28, not 26 yrs, upon her 2nd marriage.
TheIslands Off Island Marriages transcribed the BULLIS surname as BULLES and age of George as 28 instead of 20 yrs because handwriting is often difficult to decipher. The surname of Elizabeth's parents is correctly noted! According to the Golden Wedding and obituary articles, John & Elizabeth Bullis were married on Wolfe Island, not 'off Island' as indicated by the transcript which cites Vol 16 ~ on both of the films, the county register Vol 10 contains the 1858 Bullis marriage.

Anglican Diocese of Ontario

The present Diocese of Ontario was created in 1862. Previously, the area had been part of the Diocese of Nova Scotia (1787-1793), the Diocese of Quebec (1793-1839), and the Diocese of Toronto (1839-1861). Up to 1896 the Diocese of Ontario included what is now the Diocese of Ottawa. The Diocese of Ontario is fortunate that parish and diocesan records have been collected since 1885. Parish records include registers of baptism, marriages, and burials from the 1780's. (excerpt from 'Researching An Anglican Parish History' courtesy of the Anglican Diocese of Ontario Archives)

The Parish of Wolfe Island was part of the Anglican Diocese of Toronto with Saint George's Cathedral in Kingston as the mother church and center of worship. The original St George Parish church was built between 1825-1828 and enlarged from 1838-1840 with a portico and rebuilt steeple. The church became the Cathedral in 1862 of the newly formed Diocese of Ontario. Resources: Anglican Diocese ~ Wikipedia ~ Project Canterbury

1860 baptism Joseph Bullis
1860 baptism Joseph Bullis

baptism February 12th 1860 ~ Vol 3-W-1 pg 34 ~ Joseph son of John & Elizabeth Bullis

1866 baptisms Robert William Matthew Bullis
1866 baptisms Robert William Matthew Bullis

baptisms December 29th 1866 ~ Vol 3-W-3 pg 13-14
#104 Robert born Nov 1st 1866
#105 William born Feb 3rd 1863 [1862]
#106 Matthew born Apr 10th 1864
sons of John & Elizabeth Bullis

1878 baptisms John Jay & Thad Bullis
1878 baptisms John Jay & Thad Bullis

baptisms June 15th 1878 ~ Vol 3-W-3 pg 53-54
#440 John Jay born Jul 9th 1868 [1869]
#441 Bidwell Hugh Thaddeus born Feb 13th 1878
sons of John & Elizabeth Bullis

1860 baptism Joseph Bullis 1866 baptisms Robert William Matthew Bullis 1878 baptisms John Jay & Bidwell Hugh Thaddeus Bullis

transcripts courtesy of AM Benson and copies of original registers courtesy of Lisa Russell at the Anglican Archives of Ontario

NOTES: The six Bullis sons were baptized in the Parish of Wolfe Island at the Trinity Anglican Church. The birth dates recorded by the ministers for five of the Bullis sons are correct except the years 1863 for William who was born in 1862 and 1868 for John Jay who was born in 1869. Ontario Civil Registrations began July 1st 1869 and John Jay's birth is recorded in and for that year. There is no record of baptism for the daughter of John & Elizabeth Bullis, who was born between the youngest two sons baptized in 1878. Reference the family dates in the Bible entries by B.9.2: William John Bullis & B.9.5: John Jay Bullis. [future links]

birth dates of John & Elizabeth Bullis death dates of John & Elizabeth Bullis

original Bible entries by John Jay Bullis ~ courtesy of 'Bob' Robert G Bullis : USA-WA.Spokane

Province of Manitoba Canada

The Province of Manitoba was created in 1870, the first to be formed from the Western Territories, as settlement began in the Red River region. The Manitoba Division of Finance, Consumer and Corporate Affairs, is responsible for administering the Vital Statistics Act and Marriage Act, among other Acts. The Agency holds the records from 1882 of the Red River Settlement days to the present for all Manitoba events. The Archives of Manitoba holds collections of all media for Government, Private, and the Hudson Bay Company. Resources: Archives ~ VitalStats

1915 death John Bullis 1917 death Elizabeth Bullis

Official Notices of Death ~ 1915 John Bullis #164227 & 1917 Elizabeth Bullis #066088
copies courtesy of Emerson Courthouse 1983 (Eliz Bullis) & MB VitalStats 2008 (both)
Manitoba Vital Statistics (select choice-enter BULLIS in Last Name-Search)

1915 estate John Bullis 1915 estate John Bullis

1915 Estate of John Bullis ~ copies of Will & Estate probate documents courtesy of Josh Alkana at the Archives of Manitoba

Emerson Cemetery

Emerson Cemetery: Bullis graves Lot 179 ~ grave 1 John Bullis. grave 2 #192 Elizabeth Bullis
grave 3 Bullis child (Robt). grave 4 #611 Gertrude E B Bullis. grave 5 #645 Joseph Bullis
courtesy Emerson Courthouse including directions to the cemetery (1983 CA Branch)

NOTES: (1) The mystery of the child and the fact that R Bullis purchased the family cemetery plot was clarified by a news article about widow Della Bullis after Robert's death in 1933, written from Emerson as it refers to 'old timers remembering' ~ Robert & Della were married in 1898 in Emerson and then later moved to Saskatchewan ... after their child, an infant, died. Family records name the child Della Mae/May, no record found in MB VitalStats. (2) There was confusion about Gertrude's middle names throughout her life - various census records, death/cemetery, and her will show variations of Gertrude E B Bullis and Gertrude B E Bullis; father John and brothers recorded her name as Gertrude Blanche Emily Bullis.

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