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Sent: July 2008 6:05 AM
Subject: Tower of David & Western Wall


On Sunday July 20th, I went to see the Tower of David which is located at Yafo Gate in the Old City. The Tower of David is a citadel which actually has no connection to King David. I had to cross a bridge over a dry moat in order to enter. Inside is a museum on the history of Jerusalem. The times that it covers are from ancient to modern. Inside the citadel are a number of archaeological remnants. There is a very good view of the Old City and its surroundings from the top of the tower and the ramparts. Whoever takes care of the citadel and museum did a good job. It was definitely worth seeing.

Sent: July, 2008
Subject: Eastern Wall & The Golden Gate


On Saturday July 26th, I went to see the Golden Gate, which is in the Eastern Wall of the Old City. It is one of Jerusalem's sealed gates. There is a Muslim cemetery along the Eastern Wall where the gate is located. I didn't see a path going up to the gate, so I just looked at it from the walkway.

God bless you all,

Eastern Golden Gate

posted: Aug2008